Overseas Employment Promoters

Licence No. MPD/2938/LHR


Multi-task engineering The Most Reliable Overseas Employment Agency.

Multi-task engineering , enjoys the privilege of being one of the most Reliable Overseas Employment Agency of Pakistan.

Multi-task engineering was approved as Overseas Employment Promoters in 2009.

Multi-task engineering mission has been providing jobs in Pakistan and other countries and company's need excellent Manpower Staffing Services and Manpower Recruitment Services to a large number of satisfied clients all over the world. Skilled and hardworking manpower in various fields is readily available, particularly for countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Muscat, Bahrain, UAE, and other countries.

Whether you are an Engineering Enterprise, Developer, Constructor, Building Operator, Management of Human Resources, Finance or Technical concerns, certainly you are desirous to see your business at the extreme elevations of your areas of interest but how?

No need to worry about Multi-task engineering is here for you.


Multi-task engineering provides whether you need Technicians, Engineers, and Professionals or Skilled, Semi Skilled and Unskilled Manpower. This is a place where you can find everything you need.
Multi-task engineering is at work just for you.